My Books

from Brick Road Poetry Press, available through Amazon:
Water-Rites, poems by Ann E. Michael; $15.95


Water-Rites is also available as an ebook for Kindle.

Ann E. Michael: Water-Rites/Brick Road Poetry Press, 2012 More than Shelter: chapbook from Spire Press, 2004. Out of print. Contact me for purchase (use Comments, below).

More Than Shelter

Chapbooks from FootHills Publishing, Small Things Rise & Go 2006, The Capable Heart 2011.

Small Things Rise & Go

The Minor Fauna is published by Finishing Line Press (2006) and is available through

The Minor Fauna

Lock of the Land is a collection, which I edited, of poems by the late David Dunn. Published by King’s Estate Press, 2000. It’s available through me; contact me for copies (use Comments, below).

The Swan King, a collaborative chapbook with David Dunn, 1982 LiMbo bar&grill Books: out of print. See this post.

7 comments on “My Books

  1. If you would like to purchase copies of More than Shelter or The Lock of the Land, please make a comment below or email juanitaFB at AOL dot com



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